The first order of business for my new iPad, which I just removed the plastic from an hour or so ago, was to download and install the Atari’s Greatest Hits app and all 100 of its games. Retro gaming awesomeness was only a few progress bars away!

Then I got all bummed when I realized none of the 100 games I just downloaded were Pitfall. And then it dawned me that Pitfall is an Activision game, and this collection only includes Atari’s catalog. Well, poop.


No Pitfall! Denied!

I will be honest, I did not scope out the full list of games before downloading, so I really have no business complaining. Actually, I don’t mean for this post to sound like I’m complaining; I’m not. Just a little disappointed is all. I would have purchased all of these games regardless.

While I’m on the subject, however…

I’d like to point out that the download pack for all 100 Atari arcade games was only supposed to cost $3.99 through this weekend, as it says right there on the app store page, but I was charged the full, regular price of $9.99.

Atari Lies

Online bank statement line item:

Atari Lies

What’s up with that, Atari?

Update 9/6/12: Pitfall is now on iPad as part of the new Activision Anthology app just released last week!