The Busey Zone

I learned three important facts about Gary Busey (a.k.a The Poor Man’s Nick Nolte) today:

1. Gary Busey is still bat-shit crazy.

2. Gary Busey has a YouTube channel called “The Busey Zone.”

3. Gary Busey wants to fuck an inner tube.

If you only watch one thing on YouTube today, please let it be the first 23 seconds of this video. I promise it is worth watching for the bizarre, early 80s-esque intro sequence alone. And if you’re brave enough to continue, you’ll be rewarded with Gary Busey describing in great detail how you can “pump fuck” an inner tube without anyone noticing.


No shit, this is part of the actual quote:

“Get some rubber hosing that you can put around the hole of the inner tube. It looks like a round mouth. What you can do is find pleasure by yourself with an inner tube in a beautiful body of water with trees, with birds flying around and chirping, doves honking at you, it’s just beautiful and puts you in a romantic mood. But no one’s there but you. And the inner tube. So what you do insert yourself–your pleasure body parts–into that hole on the inner tube, and then you can push and pull the inner tube and just smile and just smile and act like nothing’s happening. And that way you can PUMP-FUCK that inner tube from the top of the river to the bottom of the river!”

Had I known Gary Busey’s videos were THIS FUCKING AWESOME, I would have subscribed a long time ago.

[Hat tip to UPROXX]