Countdown to Halloween

You may have noticed that I’ve given this site a not-so-subtle temporary Halloween makeover. I know it’s still early September, but I’m one of those over-enthusiastic weirdos who decorates early for Halloween and doesn’t take anything down until I start getting dirty looks from the neighbors. Halloween is my favorite holiday and waiting until October simply won’t do.

I hope you like what I’ve done with the theme. I didn’t want to deviate too much from my usual 8-bit Nintendo theme, so there’s a Boo Diddley, a cute little ghost from the Mario games lurking about somewhere on this blog. See if you can spot him!

I am a Cryptkeeper (and so can you!)

This year is participating in Countdown to Halloween, an annual month-long, group blogging marathon celebrating all things Halloween. The goal is to post something Halloween-related at least once every day in October. I plan to get started a little early, posting a few Halloween things here and there leading up to October when I’ll be in full-on Halloween mode.

There’s already a bunch of great blogs participating in this year’s Countdown–look out for those “Cryptkeeper 2012” badges like the one in my sidebar to know who we are. The badges are like lit pumpkins on the doorsteps of friendly houses when you’re trick-or-treating (unlike those lame-ass people who turn off their lights and pretend they’re not home). If you’ve got a blog, why not join in the fun?