Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange

Friend of, fellow Leaguer, and all-around nice guy Dex over at AEIOU…and Sometimes Why is doing something really cool for Halloween this year–hosting a Halloween-themed version of Secret Santa! He’s calling it The Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange and here’s how you can get in on it:

The Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange

Click here for full details and the sign-up form.

What is it?

You’re familiar with Secret Santa? Well, this is an online Halloween version. People that sign up will act on behalf of the Great Pumpkin and send a gift to another randomly assigned participant, henceforth called “patchers” because they are waiting in the pumpkin patch for you, their Great Pumpkin!

How it works:

You sign up and get randomly assigned a patcher. You’ll be sent their info and have until 10/20 to send them a gift. Another person will get your info and send you a gift. Everyone gets their gifts and much Halloween happiness ensues.

Gift Guidelines:

The minimum cost will be $10 USD, not including shipping. There is no maximum but don’t expect a life-size Headless Horseman to show up at your door. You don’t have to spend the entire amount on a single item. Bargain/dollar stores can have some cool stuff and give you more bang for your buck.

In addition to your gift, Dex is asking that you also include a little “touch of magic.” What this is, is up to each Great Pumpkin, but could be anything from a signed note letting your patcher know who you are to little toys to a small Trick or Treat bag with treats. Doesn’t have to be anything big, get creative!

Wish List?

There is a section on the sign up form to list things you’d like to receive. Try to list at least four or five things to give your Great Pumpkin something to work with. You could list favorite imagery (witches, pumpkins , etc), favorite monsters or even favorite candy (please don’t send $10 worth of candy!) Some Great Pumpkins may be artsy people, it may be helpful to mention if you wouldn’t mind getting a handmade gift in case they want to send something unique. Feel free to also list some things you would not like to get.

Important Dates:

Sign up deadline will be 11:59pm EST on 10/6. Patcher info will be sent after the cut off. Shipping deadline will be 10/20 to ensure patchers will have time to enjoy the gift in season.

Spread the word!

Please share the link to this page anywhere you want: blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, laser engrave the moon. The more people we have, the better it will be for everyone!