(Well, you know. That collection I keep insisting I don’t have.)

When my good Twitter buddy Eric Stettmeier a.k.a. @BubbaShelby, who is an avid toy collector (AND awesome artist, by the way), offered me his extra Toddler Turtle figure for the incredibly generous price of free, you know I was all over it. Eric must have seen my Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles post awhile back–the one where I wished there was an entire Muppet Babies-style show about toddler-aged TMNT getting into kid-friendly shenanigans–and it was super cool of him for thinking of me.

A full set of these Toddler Turtle figures go for ridiculous prices on Ebay, so I’ve been holding off on picking them up. I would have been excited about getting any of these little guys, but Eric hooked me up with my favorite Turtle, Raph!


Baby Raphael TMNT

We actually had a semi-nice day here today, so I was able to take these shots outside on my deck. By his expression, I have to assume Toddler Raph is a much happier, more well-adjusted individual than Teenage Raph. I wonder at what age he went wrong?

TMNT Toddler Raph

Thank you, Eric, for sensing that I needed Toddler Raph in my life, and for the always awesome #TMNT banter on Twitter!