I didn’t go to SDCC this year, but one of the only things I cared about purchasing there (other than this and this) are prints of these awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sketches by artist Alex Deligiannis. He was nice enough to save a set for me and let me purchase them afterward, and they just arrived in the mail today.

 Alex Deligiannis TMNT Prints

I plan on getting them framed together with one of those four-way matte windows, and hanging the piece above a display of TMNT collectibles.

Leonardo by Alex Deligiannis

Raphael by Alex Deligiannis

Donatello by Alex Deligiannis

Michaelangelo by Alex Deligiannis

I loved this nice little touch on the package:

TMNT Sketch by Alex Deligiannis

Alex Deligiannis is an animation and comics artist who is currently working on Nickelodeon’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. If you like his style but you’re not familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and go check out his gallery; there’s all kinds of kickassery there. He’s an all-around nice dude, too.