So, I just got a shiny new iPhone 5 (I know, I never thought it would come to this, either) and it was looking rather naked, so my immediate goal was to transform it into the most Ninja Turtle-iest phone possible.

Until they come out with real T-phones (and not this plastic piece of crap which doesn’t even use the real voice actors), or at the very least, some kind of cool case that transforms your iPhone into a ShellCell, I have to settle for the next best thing.

Nick Turtles iPod 5 Case

This case is meant for an iPod 5, not an iPhone 5, but dammit, it’s the only official Nickelodeon TMNT case that exists, which means I HAD TO HAVE IT. I asked around on Twitter to see if anyone knew if iPod 5 cases would fit iPhone 5, and ya’ll gave me some terrible advice because this thing totally fits my iPhone 5, and pretty snugly at that. I’m glad I decided to ignore you and go with my gut. At Toys ‘R Us this thing costs $19.99 and doesn’t count as electronics, which means the 90-day return policy still applies, even for open items. You can tell I really took a big risk here.

We Are the Turtles of Justice! iPod 5 Case

TMNT iPhone Case - Back Cover

TMNT iPhone Case Front

The iPod 5 case fits my iPhone 5 surprisingly snugly, however the iPhone is a tad thicker than the iPod, so there is about 1.5mm of exposed hardware. But I don’t care because OMG NINJA TURTLES!

TMNT iPod Case on iPhone - Thickness

TMNT iPod Case Ports

T-Phone Ringtone

Next order of business was to customize the ringtone. A TMNT fan over at the Technodrome Forums had the good sense to upload an MP3 of the exact T-Phone ringtone that’s used in the Nickelodeon show, which can be heard whenever the Turtles call each other. You can download it from FileDropper right here.

Here’s what it sounds like:


NickTurtles Wallpaper

And lastly, I needed some iPhone 5-sized (640 x 1136) wallpaper. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any official TMNT iPhone wallpaper online, and as far as 5 minutes of Google-searching tells me, nobody has bothered to make any. So I had to get creative and make my own. I made two designs–one for the home screen, and one for the lock screen.

Feel free to download these and use on your iPhone 5.

(Click to enlarge)

TMNT iPhone 5 Wallpaper

(Click to enlarge)

TMNT iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Bonus! Booyakasha Ringtone

One of my Twitter buddies and fellow TMNT fans, Justin Edwards (@DUSTINDUSTRIES), made an awesome “BOOYAKASHA!” ringtone for me, which I uploaded to SoundCloud:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

You can download it here: Booyakasha! Ringtone

Thanks Justin!