Ordinarily I’m no LEGO Maniac, but between LEGO Lord of the Rings and the news that we’ll be getting LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets next year, I’ve been going crazy for this stuff. Not crazy enough to actually buy any fancy high-end LEGO sets, mind you (that shit’s expensive, yo) but crazy enough to bury myself in Google image searches for cool LEGO creations while lamenting that I lack both the skill and creativity to build any of my own.

(And yeah, this is totally filler content because between Thanksgiving, two podcasts, and everything else I haven’t had time to post anything substantial lately…not that my typical inane ramblings are anything to write home about.)

LEGO Pitfall!

Possibly the only thing more relevant to my interests than LEGO TMNT is the combination of LEGO + old school video games, especially Pitfall. I recommend checking out the full gallery for lots of other retro-y LEGO-y goodness.

LEGO Pitfall

LEGO Bonsai Tree

This exquisitely detailed little tree was created by botanical artist Makoto Azuma. It would go great with that life-size LEGO Mr. Miyagi I’ll probably never build.

LEGO Bonsai Tree

LEGO Record Player

This is an actual working record player made from LEGOs. Impressive! The sound quality, however, is not so impressive. It’s somewhere between Notability (who remembers that game?) and those annoying musical birthday cards. But still, IT’S A RECORD PLAYER MADE FROM FREAKING LEGOS!