Show of hands: who wants an official LEGO Portal set? All of you? I thought so.

You can help make it happen for real by supporting Brickthing’s amazing LEGO Portal project on CUUSOO. All you have to do is sign up for a CUUSOO account, click the green Support button, and answer a few simple questions like why you’re interested and how much you’d pay. It’s just a survey and doesn’t involve any exchange or pledging of actual currency.

What is CUUSOO? It’s kind of like LEGO’s own version of KickStarter where people share their ideas for LEGO set concepts and get others to vote on them, with the goal of LEGO producing it as an official LEGO product.

Feast your eyes on these exquisitely detailed concepts:

LEGO Portal Set

LEGO Portal Pieces

I count the Portal games among my top gaming experiences of all time, not only because the story and physics-puzzle gameplay are so incredible, but there’s just something about roaming the sterile environments of the Aperture Science lab, pushing big red buttons and dodging turret lasers. These concepts show how perfectly the game’s visual aesthetic lends itself to LEGO. It’s almost like Portal was destined for LEGO. And on the off-chance you’re reading this, LEGO, I would also play the shit out of a LEGO Portal video game.

Thanks to fellow Leaguer Tophat Sasquatch for bringing this to my attention.