Neverending Story Kindle Cover

For today’s post about cool but frivolous products I shouldn’t be spending money on, I discovered these handmade covers for iPad, Kindle and Nook designed to look like The Neverending Story, one of my favorite ’80s fantasy films. It even has a perfect reproduction of the Auryn symbol, just like the dusty old book in the movie.

Each one is handcrafted by Grimcat Productions (who also makes this kickass Mario question block cover) from leather and suede and bound with filigree. If I hadn’t already spent a lot of money on a light-up leather cover for my Kindle Touch, I would totally buy one of these, which range in price from $58.95 to $65.95 depending on your device. Maybe if I ever get an iPad…

I can just imagine curling up on a rainy day with this thing wrapped around a good fantasy book. Now excuse me while I go try to get that damn song out of my head.