Little-known fact about ShezCrafti: I have a secret love for browsing shitty catalogs–the cheaper and more crap-filled, the better! Harriet Carter, Carol Wright Gifts, Walter Drake, As Seen on TV, etc.–there is no finer bathroom reading in all the land. I don’t ever buy anything, I just enjoy looking at all the junk because it never ceases to amaze me how much useless crap Americans buy.

Every now and then I stumble on gems like this one from ABC Distributing:

Jot it Down Pocket Journal

Here, I’ll blow it up because the stupid is kind of hard to see:

Internet Passwords

It’s one thing to write down your internet passwords and carry them around with you in your pocket, as this product’s title suggests. It’s a whole ‘nother level of stupid to write them down in a journal with “Internet Passwords” emblazoned on the front cover. The catalog’s description for this product offers the following advice:

“If your internet user names and passwords are scattered everywhere on sticky notes and paper scraps, end the chaos with the Internet Passwords journal. “

Yes, let’s end the chaos! You should start by deleting yourself from the internet because clearly you’re doing it wrong. I hope whoever buys this thing has their identity stolen by Nigerians.