Molly Ringwald on Twitter

Like so many child starlets and b-list celebs before her, Molly Ringwald has joined Twitter. You might remember her from The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, For Keeps, Fresh Horses–all required viewing for children of the ’80s. Or perhaps Something to Live For: The Alison Gertz Story was more your cup of tea (a cup of tea with AIDS in it, that is).

One of the things I love most about Twitter is how close it makes me feel to irrelevant celebrities. Not to say that Molly Ringwald isn’t relevant to anyone; she’s certainly relevant to me and the millions of other fingerless glove-wearing members of the John Hughes generation that worshiped every shockingly pink outfit she ever wore. It’s just that Twitter has a way of shining the spotlight back on forgotten stars and rekindling public interest in their once glittering lives and careers. It’s kind of the modern, social media equivalent of those “Where Are They Now?” articles except way better because now we get to absorb every mundane detail of their daily lives.

Like this tweet, for example:!/MollyRingwald/status/193798077797249024

Aw, you’re welcome Molls! (I like to call her that.) And I want to thank you for caring enough about what interests me to edit your tweeting habits accordingly. Otherwise I might have unfollowed and never gotten to know these awesomely geeky things about you:

Molly Ringwald is a Secret Reddit Lurker!/MollyRingwald/status/193907866334265344

Molly Ringwald Refers to Herself in Third Person!/MollyRingwald/status/194273926820544513

Molly Ringwald is Addicted to Fruit Ninja!/MollyRingwald/status/194543995647561728

Molly Ringwald is a Fan of LOST & Game of Thrones!/MollyRingwald/status/194340742225866752

Molly Ringwald’s Kids are Adorkable

And they have cool names like Mathilda.!/MollyRingwald/status/194466840053944321

Molly Ringwald Likes Avatar & The Legend of Korra!/MollyRingwald/status/194269649402216448!/MollyRingwald/status/194274169796571136

Shut the front door! Molly Ringwald likes The Legend of Korra?! I can feel my girlcrush from the ’80s coming back, except now it’s more like a momcrush where I imagine Molly Ringwald is my mom and she makes me watch all her Brat Pack movies while braiding my hair and feeding me fresh cut vegetables from her garden.

Who cares what Molly Ringwald thinks anyway?

I do. I care!

In a perfect world John Hughes would still be alive and making amazing films for Molly Ringwald to star in–like a Breakfast Club sequel. But for now I’m just happy knowing that Molly Ringwald is still cool and beautiful, lives an idyllic life and loves to tweet about it. It’s everything Claire Standish would have wanted.