If you’re a Mad Men fan, you may have already seen Michael William’s fantastic Mad Dolls creations for Haute Doll magazine that instantly captured hearts back in 2010. Each painstakingly detailed diorama, created with restyled Barbie Dolls and tiny mid-century modern furniture, is like a perfect snapshot of Mad Men in miniature.

Though originally created in celebration of Mattel’s new (at the time) line of Mad Men Barbie dolls, I don’t think I’m alone in saying I like Williams’ version better than Mattel’s official line.

Back in June, Williams returned with yet another brilliant collection of plastic Mad Men, this time paying homage to Season 5, and they are nothing short of perfect. They even come with accessories! (Be careful if you’re not caught up on the show yet, though–some of the images and descriptions contain major spoilers!)

Take a look, but try not to fall too deeply in love:

Mad Men Dolls


Don Draper - Ken Doll

Roger Sterling Ken Doll

Pete Campbell Ken Doll

Michael Ginsberg Ken Doll

Joan Harris Barbie Doll

Peggy Olson Barbie Doll

Megan Draper Barbie Doll

Fat Betty Francis Barbie Doll

Sally Draper Barbie Doll

I don’t collect Barbie, but I’d totally buy Williams’ Mad Men dolls if I could! That’s really my only complaint–that I can’t buy these.

To see more of Michael Williams’ photography and other fabulous pop culture-inspired doll creations, visit MyLifeInPlastic.com and follow him on Instagram @MyLifeInPlastic.