I was on my way to the bank this morning when I saw this sign:


My first reaction was excitement, thinking the zombie apocalypse had finally come. Then I got a little further into town–where all the bars are–and realized it’s St. Patty’s Day weekend, and by “walkers” this sign is referring to drunk and disorderly white people. That’s all Bel Air, Maryland has to offer, really. But it was fun for a few seconds to think at any moment I might have to start running down undead bitches with my Civic.

While I’m on the subject of The Walking Dead, I recently added the board game to my collection. I picked it up at Best Buy, of all places, because I had some Rewards money. It’s pretty rare for me to walk in there and not come out with a video game of some sort, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I must have hit it on a bad day because their selection of games sucked.

So instead I settled for some good old-fashioned analog entertainment.

The Walking Dead Board Game

It’s a shitty, depressing day outside, so I thought it was perfect for photos considering the subject matter. Enjoy the serene beauty of my muddy backyard and rotting deck.

The Walking Dead Game Pieces

The Walking Dead Game Pieces

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play game, as you can probably tell from the un-punched playing pieces, but already this game has a huge strike against it:

No Daryl.

It does, however, have a Single Player mode just for losers like me!

Single Player Mode

The actual “board” part of this board game is pretty cool, too, because it’s made of flexible fabric and rubber, like a mat. It rolls up for storing neatly in its own compartment in the box. I guess you could also attempt to used it as a weapon when the real zombie apocalypse happens, but I would not recommend that.

The Walking Dead Game Contents

According to the back of the box, this game is a “Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.”

Walking Dead Board Game Back Cover

I don’t know where the game makers are getting their information, but I doubt there’s much inside this box that would save you from one zombie, let alone multiple zombies who all want to eat your face off. If you have a good arm, maybe you could throw dice at them hard enough and take out an eye?