Thomas Was Alone

Here’s what I’m playing today:


Self-described as “a minimalist game about friendship and jumping and floating and bouncing and anti-gravity,” this deceptively simple-looking platformer is getting great reviews from sites like Gamespot and Rock Paper Shotgun.

As puts it:

It’s a game about friendship and jumping and puzzles that comes complete with 100 levels and an eclectic selection of playable characters. A visually simple yet downright beautiful and endearing game starring Thomas (a rectangle with more personality than a dozen ultra-detailed FPS stars) and an assortment of equally stylized and geometrically simple friends each with a unique set of abilities, that allow for some brilliantly varied level design.

I’ve got the title screen fired up as I write this and I’m already being completely sucked in by the game’s gorgeous music, which sounds like a cross between those dramatic, slow piano sequences in LOST and samples from my old Casio PT-12. I’ll report back later with my thoughts on the game, but I can already tell I’m going to love it.

Update: My review of Thomas Was Alone is posted here.

Thomas Was Alone is available for download at IndieCity and costs ₤5.99 ($9.64 USD).