Perfect Strangers Video Game

Have you ever dreamed there was a video game based on the oddball ’80s sitcom Perfect Strangers? Yeah, me either. But now that there is one I’m inclined to believe I just never dared to dream big enough.

Thanks to a designer named Jason Oda, the world of video games just got a little bit more Balki.

You start the game by telling it your personal dream. What dream? Any dream. My dream is to build an island fashioned out of airplane bits, so I put that. With your dream entered, Balki takes over and urges you on to achieve it.

Which… you do by running down a fairly hilarious pathway, gathering stars while the Perfect Strangers theme plays and its lyrics fly past. (At one point, you fly.)

(via Kotaku)

Sitcoms from the 1980s had such wonderfully inspirational, fabulously cheesy theme songs and the theme to Perfect Strangers (“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”) was one of the best.

The free-to-play game Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now is a celebration of said theme song, complete with Larry popping up to play the opening harmonica number.

My dream:

Tell Balki Your Dream

As you guide Balki down the majestic rainbow road to achieving your dream, your senses will be delighted by scenery that changes with the lyrics (which conveniently flash across the sky so you can sing along!) and there’s even a cameo from Jennifer and Mary Anne, who cheer you on from the sidelines.

You should really go play it right now.I mean, have you ever seen anything more inspirational than this?

Balki Flying

The next time I play, I plan to dream for a similar game based on Who’s The Boss.