If you’ve never seen the awesome that is the 1987 film The Monster Squad A) I pity you, and B) stop whatever the hell it is you’re doing immediately and go watch it.

The Monster Squad Poster

For many of us children of the 80s, The Monster Squad is right up there with The Goonies. Some even argue it’s better than The Goonies, because, you know, it’s got more cussing and sex jokes and stuff, not to mention a much cooler fat kid. Pitting these too movies against one another is one of those common nerd arguments that we love to keep getting into over and over again as a means to assert our superior tastes and shoot the shit with like-minded dorks.

Adding to the general fan fervor surrounding this cult film is the fact that The Monster Squad didn’t see a DVD release until 2007, and you can bet Wolfman’s hairy ass I pre-ordered the shit out of it (if it’s possible for one to pre-order “the shit” out of something).

Monster Squad DVD

(I didn’t really have any scary or Halloween-related props at my immediate disposal to include in these photos, but if you look closely enough out the window, there’s a pretty sweet spider web. Best I could do.)

Monster Squad DVD - Back Cover

We waited until what felt like THE END OF THE WORLD for this movie to come out on DVD, but Lionsgate done did it up right. This 2-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition of The Monster Squad is a remastered-for-widescreen version that includes a ton of special features, including two different director’s commentaries, cast commentary, Monster Squad Forever!–a five-part retrospective featuring tons of interviews, deleted scenes, etc. etc. etc.

Monster Squad 2-DVD Set

However, one of my favorite DVD “extras” is this little note from director Fred Dekker, which says it all:

Introduction by Fred Dekker

“Wolfman’s got nards!”

What, you were expecting a different clip?


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The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

What is 31 DVDs of Halloween?

As a spe­cial fea­ture for the Hal­loween Count­down, I’m show­cas­ing 31 Hal­loween DVDs from my per­sonal col­lec­tion. I have a lot of Halloween-related and hor­ror DVDs in gen­eral, but for this year’s count­down I’m only going to focus on my absolute favorites–the ones I con­sider 100% essen­tial for my enjoy­ment of the holiday.