This surfaced on YouTube today, and as a huge fan of the original Streets of Rage games (especially the music) for Sega Genesis, my 90’s nostalgia was instantly kicked into high gear. Apparently this clip is from a pre-alpha version of a next gen Streets of Rage game that was being developed by Ruffian Games. “It was something we built very rapidly and represents pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-Alpha quality,” says the video description.


As much as I want to like the idea of a 3D, modernized Streets of Rage, I think I’ll have to pass if this thing ever gets a Kickstarter. Double Dragon Neon proved there’s still a demand for these types of old school, side-scrolling brawlers, and retro gaming is hugely popular right now. Sometimes I don’t care about gorgeous graphics, I just want to beat she shit out of thuggish guys with mohawks. I’d give my money to a 2D throwback version of Streets or Rage before something like this.

Anyway…cool to see something Streets of Rage-related again, even if it never pans out.