Cult Film Club, Episode 2, Part 1 - What is Cult?

Cult Film Club podcast Episode #2 is now live!

For this second meeting of the Cult Film Club, Shawn, Pax, and I decided to have a more general discussion about what makes a film “cult.” (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to our established format of reviewing terrible/awesome movies we love to death in Episode 3!) As it turns out, defining what a cult film is (or isn’t) is difficult to pinpoint, and opinions on the matter varied considerably. Add to that the idea that cult films can both lose and gain “cult” status over time, and things get even murkier.

In the process of trying to nail it down, we touch on a lot of different films, including those with rabid fanbases like Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I take full responsibility for that one), those that were box office failures, cult films that are so well known that we now question whether or not they’re still considered cult, and conversely, movies that were once popular, mainstream successes but have become more “cult” over time. We delved so deeply into this topic that we ended up with two episode’s worth of material, and had to split things up.

Here is Episode 2, Part 1:

Cult Film Club – Episode 2 – Part 1 – What is Cult?

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