It started as an innocent, totally not serious tweet:

See, there’s this Chinese place up the street called Wok To Go I order from all the time. No, I mean, like all the time. We’re talking 3-4 times a week, maybe more. I’ve stopped keeping track because I don’t like to think about how many pieces of shrimp toast I consume on a weekly basis, and also because I’m treading dangerously into #foreveralone territory here. It’s cheap, fast, easy, and makes me feel a little dirty afterward like an Asian hooker. Me so hungry! Not to mention it’s the best goddamn Chinese food within 25 miles AND they deliver late, and since I often don’t eat dinner until after nine, it’s my kind of place. I have no idea what my mom’s cell phone number is without looking at my phone, yet I know that Wok To Go’s number is 410-838-1085. By heart.

Anyway, I tend to get in these food ruts where I order the same thing all the time–lately it’s Shrimp & Beef Szechuan–and thought it’d be more fun to let fate decide my next takeout meal, so that’s where that tweet came from. (I know, my tweets are SO IMPORTANT.) But I never expected anyone to like, you know, actually make a wheel for me. But someone totally did.

Ben Rollier, if I could give you a fortune cookie right now, it would simply say, “You’re awesome.” LOOK AT THIS AWESOME THING HE MADE, you guys:

Wok-To-Go Wheel

Ben made this on his lunch break. His lunch break! Do you know what I did on my lunch break today? NOTHING! Well, nothing besides eat lunch. The beauty part is that because all Chinese takeout menus are the same (for real, it’s like a scientific fact or something), Ben’s app should work with your local Chinese and/or sushi dive. So yeah, Ben you totally get a Gold (Throwing) Star from me.

This is seriously the best thing that’s ever happened to me…um, today. It’s going to completely revolutionize my Chinese takeout consumption habits. What’s it going to be tonight, Wok To Go Wheel?? Shumai Steamed Dumplings? OKAY!