The Addams Family is a family that really needs no introduction, especially not from someone who’s too young to remember the original TV show and therefore cannot possibly pay enough respect, but I’ll do my best anyway. I assume you’re already familiar with The Addams Family, so I won’t waste time talking about all the reasons why they’re creepy and they’re kooky and instead talk a bit about my introduction to them, and why I love the 1991 film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

The Adams Family

When I was growing, re-runs of The Addams Family were played on Nick-at-Nite along with re-runs of The Munsters, which I watched before bedtime or in between other shows. If you had asked me back then which of the two shows was my favorite, I would have said The Munsters, but that would have only been because I was too young to appreciate the subtleties of the Addams’ humor, and the Munsters’ slapstick style of comedy was easier to understand. It wasn’t until this movie came out that I sort of rediscovered The Addams Family and completely changed my opinion–because, you know, opinions about which macabre 60s-era TV family is better are important to have and stuff.

Back Cover - Adams Family

The 90s were filled with goofy movie adaptations of old TV shows that displace the characters into modern times, but I’d venture to say The Addams Family did it best. Every performance in this movie is a joy to watch, both adults and kids–I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite character (but if you held a gun to my head, I’d choose Wednesday). I love Angelica Houston’s deadly serious take on Morticia, Christopher Lloyd’s hyperactive Uncle Fester, and of course the late great Raul Julia as Gomez Addams–particularly when he gets all depressed and goes through his Sally Jesse Raphael phase. The kids too did a phenomenal job with their roles, and this is the movie that made me a Christina Ricci fan. Even the background characters like Lurch and Grandmama are scene-stealers. But most of all, I love the scenery and overall look and feel of this movie. The attention to detail is incredible, and just catching a glimpse of the Addams family house with its cobwebbed corridors, secret passages, and booby traps never fails to put me in the Halloween spirit.

Sweet oblivion, open your arms!

My favorite scene.


BONUS Clip: The Addams are Too Legit

Oh how I miss the days when every kid’s movie had a hit rap song to go along with it.


Spooky Screenshots

The Adams Family House

Lurch, Pugsley and Thing Sleeping

Uncle Fester

Fester Reading to Wednesday and Pugsley

Is there a God?

Gomez & Morticia Dancing

Fester & Gomez Celebrating

Wednesday Adams

Gomez & Morticia


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As a spe­cial fea­ture for the Hal­loween Count­down, I’m show­cas­ing 31 Hal­loween DVDs from my per­sonal col­lec­tion. I have a lot of Halloween-related and hor­ror DVDs in gen­eral, but for this year’s count­down I’m only going to focus on my absolute favorites–the ones I con­sider 100% essen­tial for my enjoy­ment of the holiday.