Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs

The first trailer for one of my most anticipated games Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs arrived this week. It’s the sequel to the horror adventure game Amnesia: The Dark Descent which is unquestionably one of the scariest games I’ve ever played.

Watch it here:


(Thanks Rock, Paper Shotgun)

A word about scary pigs…

Just hearing those ungodly pig sounds in the trailer gave me the heebie jeebies. There is nothing, NOTHING that disturbs me like evil, demonic pigs–or anything resembling or sounding like one. I think this has been an issue for me ever since I read The Amityville Horror at a probably too-young age, and was later traumatized by Silverchair’s video for Tomorrow.

Scary Pigs

I’m going to love this game.