The other day I was reminiscing about my first computer, and I got to thinking about all the old software and games I used to have for it.

One of the earliest computer games I can remember playing (note: not earliest console games—that’s a post about Atari that I’ll save for another day) is the old Sierra classic, Hoyle’s Official Book of Games: Volume 1.


Released in 1989, it was Sierra’s first card game game (sounds weird to use the same word twice in a row) and included Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Cribbage and Klondike. What I loved most about it was its peanut gallery of playable opponents that represented characters from other Sierra games (like Leisure Suit Larry), and even some members of the Sierra development team. I, of course, always chose the dog. And the sparkly rainbow deck. You know, because I was a seven year old girl.

My memories of this game go hand-in-hand with the demo video for the Creative Sound Blaster Pro sound card. I guess it was intended to show off the Sound Blaster’s audio capabilities, but I didn’t know that at the time. I just watched it to see pretty colors dancing around on my huge, beige CRT monitor. It was mindblowing.


What was your first computer game?