Sup, guys?

Updates have been a little thin the past few days, but it’s because I’ve been working on a revamped version of ShezCrafti. I’ve had this same design for over 2 years now, and I feel I’m ready for a change, even if just mostly cosmetic.


My Facebook friends have already seen this because it’s my new cover photo, but here’s a sneak peek at the direction I’m going in:

(Click to make bigger-er)

ShezCrafti Collage

I want the site to look more “me,” if that makes sense. This retro-tastic collage of some of my favorite things is a step in that direction, and the framework for what I’m designing for the blog.

Re: “30-something going on 12.”

You might have also noticed in the past month or so that my tagline changed from, “A gamer, geek, and girl who doesn’t get out much” to what you see above. While that whole “doesn’t get out much” part is still true (you know…because I’m 31, work 2 jobs, live alone with my cat, and love Ninja Turtles–GET AT ME, FELLAS), I decided to go with something just a little less pathetic-sounding that spoke more to my inner child, and why I often blog about stupid crap from back in the day like Sally Struthers infomercials and Corey Feldman’s Michael Jackson phase. The late 80s and early 90s were the happiest, most carefree years of my childhood, and I want to devote a little more time around here to re-capturing them. I need that right now.


Also, starting in March, I’m heading to another castle as co-editor and contributor of a soon-to-launch gaming site called RunJumpFire along with my long-time Twitter friend & fellow gamer, Mark Stevens of Retroblique. Basically I want to tone down the amount of video game-y stuff on ShezCrafti (since you guys mostly don’t care about that anyway, according to the crickets that can be heard on those posts) and instead save that type of content for RunJumpFire. (Which, by the way, we’re still welcoming new writers if anyone out there wants in. Shoot me an email.) I’m not going to totally do away with video game-related posts here, but anything more substantial than just a game preview or quick & dirty lists (like this one) will end up over there.

Cult Film Club

Oh! Don’t forget, I’m also co-hosting the Cult Film Club podcast now, along with Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s and Paxton Holley of Cavalcade of Awesome. We tackle a different cult film every month (like The Wraith!) and then embarrass ourselves by pretending to sound smart while discussing it. No, wait–I’m the only one who does that. Sorry. But seriously, folks, it’s a fun show, and the three of us have a lot of fun doing it. SHAMELESS PLUG INCOMING: Please check out the podcast, Like us on Facebook, and consider joining the club! And be sure to tell all your friends–especially if they have crappy taste in movies, just like us!

Peace Out

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. If you come to this site in the next week or so (or whenever I get around to it) and it looks drastically different, now you’ll know why.

Play me out, Young MC.