UnderScoopFireFor some reason, the guys over at UnderScoopFire! asked me to be a guest on their podcast this week. Like I’m actually cool or something.

Hilariously, and without realizing it, I misspoke when discussing the year the original Mirage TMNT comics came out and said “1994” instead of 1984. I further go on to emphasize that I was “only three years old at the time.” So the rest of the podcast proceeds with Howie and Corey under the impression that I’m only 20 years old, and many “you’re too young to remember [insert something from the 80s]” age jokes were made at my expense. Good times.

Head on over to UnderScoopFire! to listen to this episode and hear me ramble on about TMNT, Batman, ParaNorman, and other geekery.

Podcast #42 – Most Anticipated Geek Things Q3 & The Dark Knight Rises Preview

Lots of great stuff for us geeks and children of the 80s to look forward to in the 3rd quarter of 2012! We preview what’s to come in movies, comics, games, TV, toys and more – with a special segment dedicated to the grand daddy of them all, The Dark Knight Rises!

Once again, all five lions were not available to form our typical “Roundtable Voltron”, but a very capable guest joined in, and truly classed up the place.

We welcome Jaime of ShezCrafti.com, one of the blogs firmly entrenched in our favorites. You’ve seen links to her site via our Scoop of the Day, and she is a member of the aforementioned League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

In this episode:

  • Fun with age confusion!
  • Why The Dark Knight Rises could be the cure for cancer
  • Defining a “spoiler”
  • We finally reveal who you decided was the Best Pop Culture #2 of All Time
  • Corey Feldman is very available