Wii Game Bargains

Yesterday my shopaholic sister dragged me to the local mall, which is usually my idea of Hell, but the trip ended up being worthwhile. While she was in Payless shopping for cheap shoes, I ducked into the neighboring GameStop and had a good look around.

Wii games, especially used pre-owned Wii games, seem to have dropped in price significantly since the last time I looked, which was probably a couple of months ago. I picked up pre-owned copies of Epic Mikey, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Okami* for $11 – $15 each.

With the Wii U rumored to be releasing sometime in November and retailers anxious to unload this stuff, I can only imagine Wii game prices will continue to come down as we get closer to the Wii U launch date. If you still have a Wii and have been meaning to get around to playing some of the console’s top-rated titles, now might be a good time to pick them up.

*If you’re wondering why I bought the Wii version of Okami versus waiting for the HD remake that’s coming to PS3 in November, it’s because of this, in the vain hope it will be a collector’s item someday. I’m still going to buy Okami HD anyway!

And I’m just going to leave this here…

Because it’s even more hilarious now.