Retro City Rampage - Vita

One of the coolest-looking games from the biggest yawn-inducing E3 in recent memory is an indie game for Playstation Vita called Retro City Rampage.

It’s a throwback to the 8-bit NES games and arcade classics of yesteryear, but with open-world, mission-style gameplay that pays homage to Grand Theft Auto. I got aroused just typing that sentence. The game is also full of nostalgia, pop culture references and other assorted kickassery, like missions that parody the famous bank heist scene from The Dark Knight.

Here’s the gameplay trailer that premiered at E3:


It reminds me quite a bit of one of my favorite NES games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles–just look at that underwater level and hear those sound effects. And that green van-looking vehicle you see on the overworld map could totally pass for the Party Wagon. Seem familiar?

Even though I’d love to have this as a handheld game, I’ll picking this one up for XBLA because I don’t have any immediate plans to purchase a Vita.