So apparently over this past weekend someone submitted a humorous/NSFW post I did a few months back to Reddit which directed a bunch of traffic my way and effectively killed this morning.

Epic Traffic Spike
Thanks random Redditor, whoever you are! That’s what I get for including “porn” and “Harry Potter” in the same blog post. But now I’m (obviously) back up and running thanks to my friend/savior/ex-Wow guildie/hero Shawn who, for some reason, continues to tolerate me and gives me free hosting.

What this means for you regulars who keep coming back here to read all the stupid crap I post:

  • I now return you to my regularly-scheduled stupid crap.
  • My planned Halloween Countdown post(s) for today will be a bit delayed.
  • Yes, I can be a bit of a perv sometimes. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

Here’s a something to make up for all the precious time we lost together:

Disco Turtle