Video Game Mini Golf

What happens when a creative guy like Tom Scott gets together with a bunch of his hacker friends to make a real minigolf course with ridiculously challenging holes inspired by video games and other geekery?



Tom’s “homebrew” miniature golf course features some amazing Portal-themed holes, a Minecraft hole, a crazy turf labyrinth controlled by a Wii Nunchuck (pictured above), a vaccum-powered suction tube hole, and holes inspired by game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Britian’s The Crystal Maze.

Combining minigolf with video games, especially games like Portal, is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised there aren’t any real miniature golf courses that have run with this idea, considering how popular video games are. I mean, don’t you get tired of all the Pirate, Dinosaur, and Tiki themed minigolf courses?

I’ll be playing quite a bit of minigolf when I go on vacation next week to Myrtle Beach, a place where there’s something like over two hundred courses. And none of them are nearly as cool as anything shown in that video.