Tuesday night on Twitter, in between watching the election results roll in and shoveling popcorn into my face hole (well, technically it was Goldfish crackers) while watching Donald Trump’s spectacular meltdown, this extremely important conversation took place between me and Soap in the Bathroom:


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Yes, I consider anything related to early 90’s-era Nickelodeon a matter of extreme importance. As I always do when regressing to age 12 and hating life that awesome shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple that both aggrandize and humiliate children are no longer on TV, I started looking up clips on YouTube, if only to validate my assertion that The Shrine of the Silver Monkey is the destroyer of dreams. Or at least dreams that involve receiving a prize package that includes Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia on CD-ROM. I was not disappointed.

Shrine of the Silver Monkey: Nickelodeon’s Darwinism

SpreeGoogs put together this video survival guide of sorts with tips for how to handle yourself in that silver bastard’s shrine, which goes out to all the stupid kids who ever got tripped up in there (and presumably went home in tears because they blew their big chance to go to Space Camp.)