It was just a month ago that I was expressing my disappointment over the iPad’s lack of Pitfall, despite offering an Atari’s Greatest Hits app with 100 classic Atari games. As if Activision was reading my mind (or my blog!), last week, the Activision Anthology app arrived to remedy that problem and answer my prayers.

iPad Pitfall

Here’s the full list of games available in the app; see the iOS column.

I also want to point out that the on-screen controls, as shown in the Pitfall screenshot above, are not your only option. The app gives you three different control options, including touch and tilt; whatever is most comfortable for your play style. However, not all of these control schemes are available to all games, BUT I do like that the app lets you set universal control preferences when available.

The Activision Anthology app itself is free and comes with a free copy of KABOOM!, but if you want the full collection of Activision games, including Pitfall, it will cost $6.99. Or you can purchase 11-packs of games for $2.99 each. All in all, not a bad price for so much mobile retro gaming goodness.