It has been years, possibly even a decade, since I last set food inside a Spencer’s or a Hot Topic. Spencer’s is the place to go when you need some edible panties or over-the-hill gag gift, and Hot Topic may as well be named Emozon, Gothmart, or Hipsters R’ Us.

But strolling past these stores through the mall yesterday my eyes could not help but be drawn to large displays of that unmistakable shade of ooze green:

Retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stuff!

TMNT Stuff

Naturally I couldn’t resist picking up a few things (cheap Wii games aren’t the only thing I bought yesterday!). I got a sweet-looking wallet, lanyard with keychain, shot glass, and a strawberry-scented car air freshener that has this kickass TurtleVan design:

TMNT Car Air Freshener

Here’s the other side of the shot glass, which is one of those larger ones that will be perfect for shots of Midori.

TMNT Shot Glass

There were also t-shirts, sets of individual shot and drinking glasses, backpacks, stickers, buttsons, badgets–pretty much any type of tchotchke you can think of.

I don’t know if retro-style TMNT merchandise has always been as “hot” at Spencer’s and Hot Topic as it seems to be right now, but my guess is that it’s a well-timed marketing launch to reel in TMNT fans my age and cross-promote the new Nickelodeon show (which premieres September 29th!). Whatever the reason, I love it. TURTLE POWER!