Have I told you lately how much I love The League of Extraordinary Bloggers? Just look at this big box full of cool stuff that our great leader Brian of Cool and Collected sent me:

Care Package from Cool & Collected

Getting this truly awesome care package in the mail put a huge smile on my face and really helped take the edge off the painful breakup I’m still recovering from. (Protip for any potential suitors: Most girls would tell you the way to their heart is through flowers and jewelry. The way to mine is Ninja Turtles and video games.) So thank you, Brian, for helping to cheer me up!

Here’s a closer look at what was inside:

TMNT Board Game

I’ll start with my favorite thing first–a board game from the 4Kids era ofTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

TMNT Board Game Box

I love the fact that “SHREDDER” is written excessively in all caps in the games’ description. Oroku Saki means business, you guys.

“In the heart of the city, a towering skyscraper houses the evil SHREDDER, finalizing his plans to take over the world. Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles know they must find a way into the skyscraper in order to battle the vicious SHREDDER and stop his plans. But as they make their way through the sewers and along the city streets, they encounter SHREDDER’S henchmen trying to stop them. A ride on the subway can help the Turtles get closer to their goal. A side trip to Baxter Stockman’s lab will slow them down. Which Turtle will make it past their enemies and defeat THE SHREDDER? Will it be you?”


Hey look, It even has all the pieces!

TMNT Board Game Pieces

TMNT Pencil Case

Here’s a badass-looking pencil case, also from the 4Kids TMNT era:

TMNT 4Kids Pencil Case

I know it’s meant for pens and pencils, but I’m going to use it for makeup. Now that I’m single I have to, like, actually try to make myself attractive. When you look like I do, that shit takes work.

Nintendo Adventure Book

Here’s something fun–a Choose Your Own Adventure-style book about Mario. You have to make decisions and solve puzzles to stop Bowser from–SHOCKER!–taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Doesn’t that guy ever have anything better to do?

Nintendo Adventure Books - Double Trouble

Super Nintendo Player’s Guide

This thing is a straight-up nostalgia bomb from the SNES era. It’s full of guides and screenshots for all those 16-bit gems like Super R-Type, ActRaiser, Super Castlevania IV and my personal favorite, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. There’s a reason for that animated GIF of Link you see at the bottom of my homepage. I also love that they chose to put the terrible-and-not-even-in-a-good-way Home Alone game on the front cover as a selling point.

Super NES Player's Guide

Nintendo Game Boy Strategies Guide

Another nostalgia bomb, but for the Game Boy handheld. I’ve owned every version of the Game Boy since the original, which I still have (sadly, it doesn’t work anymore, though) and I just recently bought myself a 3DS. If you’d like to see some pics of my video game and console collection, that post is here.

Nintendo Gameboy Strategies

TMNT Fanny Pack

Who remembers these things!? I’m not gonna lie, I totally wore a fanny pack back in the early 90’s, when I was in fourth or fifth grade. But they were in style back then. It was a thing. Trust me.

This one is meant for a child, sadly, or else I’d single-handedly attempt to bring fanny packs back, like Justin Timberlake did for sexy.

TMNT Fanny Pack

TMNT Duffle Bag

I love this thing, and how it’s designed like it’s a sewer tunnel. And just look at those bright colors. It’s a little worn in places and the zipper is broke, but I’m going to repair it and use this bag for…something…I don’t know what yet. Maybe my next business overnighter. Because I’m professional like that.

TMNT Duffle Bag

TMNT McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Inside the duffle bag were some loose TMNT toys. I’m not much of a collector of TMNT toys beyond the new Nickelodeon stuff (which probably surprises you), so I wasn’t even sure what these were, apart from their obvious connection to TMNT film from 2007, based on the sculpts. I had to ask my buddy John from the Technodrome (who, by the way, is selling a bunch of awesome TMNT stuff on eBay, if you’re interested) who let me know these are actually McDonald’s Happy Meal movie tie-in toys. And that makes me wonder what the hell I was doing back in 2007 to have missed these.

4Kids TMNT Happy Meal Toys

4Kids TMNT Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's TMNT Toys 2007

Brian, thank you again for making my days a little brighter with this care package, and as always, for giving us the great community of bloggers that is The League. Seriously, you rock!