Ellie and Joel - The Last of Us

Am I proud of the fact I spent 20-some hours playing The Last of Us since last Friday night? No. Am I proud of the fact I consumed approximately 14 Fig Newtons, 23 Diet Pepsis, an entire box of Special K popcorn chips, at least half a box of wine (yes, a box), and 2.5 pieces of Redvines licorice in the process? No. Am I proud I actually finished a goddamn video game for once? Yes, yes I am.

No Cheetos were consumed during the playing of The Last of Us.

Not that I had any doubt the game would be good. Amazing, even. Ever since the first Uncharted, I’ve been part of the Naughty Dog faithful, eagerly anticipating every new game they put out, purchased it on launch day, and marathoned that shit until it was beaten (allowing for sleep, work, and bathroom breaks, of course, even though I’ve considered diapers). Naughty Dog games are just that good. So good, in fact, I feel sorry for people who don’t own a PS3.

Anyway, now that I”ve emerged from my self-imposed gaming exile, I guess it’s time to figure out what I should do with my life. You know, aside from neglecting this blog. My always-reliable Twitter friends were around to help me answer this most profound of questions.

Thanks, guys. You really came through for me.