I’ve wanted a Roomba ever since I saw one of those YouTube videos of cats riding around on them, not to mention the fact that I’m lazy, but now I have a new, much cooler reason:


For SUPER iam8bit, a group art exhibition featuring over 100 artists remixing their 80’s videogame memories, we collaborated with iRobot and fabricator Kelice Penney to create a series of “character covers” for several different Roomba models.

Hand-made and intricately detailed, their functionality was unaltered. And while the presence of a cleaning device might usually be poo poo’d in a party scenario, the thousands of guests at the SUPER iam8bit opening welcomed these creatures with mouths agape.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone realized “Roomba” rhymes perfectly with “Goomba,” which is one of the characters from the Mario games featured in this video, along with red and green Koopa shells and an Octorok from The Legend of Zelda. Sadly, none of them are Metroids.

I predict an immediate demand for custom geeky Roomba covers on Etsy.

[Thanks OHMZ]