I swung through the drive-thru of a McDonald’s on my way to work this morning (for a breakfast burrito–it was delicious, thank you for asking) and was ecstatic to see they finally had the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Happy Meal toys. (Thanks again to Cody of Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang for the head’s up about them.) None of the McDonald’s around where I live have had them yet, so this was a cool surprise.

And no, McDonald’s hasn’t started selling Happy Meals for breakfast (though that’d be awesome), so I bought these toys individually for $2 a pop. Sadly, they only had two varieties available–the Michelangelo action figure and Donatello vehicle.

McDonald's TMNT Toys Sealed

There’s a button you can press on Mikey’s back to make his chucks spin around. It works really well.

Michaelangelo TMNT Happy Meal Toy

My one complaint about him is that his head is tilted too far downward, so it’s kinda hard to see his face unless you hold him up close, which is a shame because he has this cute little smirk:

Mikey's Face Close-up

Donatello looks pretty pimp in his sewer cycle. It’s one of those pull-back racers that propels forward, and it too works really well.

Donatello TMNT Happy Meal Toy

Here they both are on my new work desk:

2012 TMNT Happy Meal Toys

I’m now on a mission to complete both sets. There’s a lot of different McDonald’s in this area–would it be terrible to have McD’s for both breakfast AND lunch today?

Update: Yes. It is terrible. But I did it anyway, and scored Donatello. I like that his pose is indicative of a victory, which is exactly how I feel right now.

Donatello Happy Meal Toy

Oh, I forgot to include this picture too:

McDonald's TMNT McWorld Code

I have no idea what “McWorld” is–I assume some kind of McDonald’s branded social network/virtual game for kids. But I love the cute little Turtle-costumed cartoon kid, so I decided to preserve him on this page for all eternity.