Not to keep turning this blog into “Hey! Look at my Ninja Turtles stuff!” but I thought some of you might want a closer look at the sweet Nick Turtles watch I scored last weekend at Toys R’ Us. I only went there to buy a TMNT iPhone case, I swear it, but this elegant timepiece ended up coming home with me too.

Nick Turtles LED Flashing Watch

Flashing, color-changing LED lights!! Like I said, elegant. The flashing lights effect is actually pretty cool. (I wish I had thought ahead enough to take a video of it, but if you’re a regular reader you should know by now I’m always winging it.) The color changes rapidly between blue, red, green, and purple and then slows to a more soothing, pulsating pattern. The display lasts about 30 seconds–plenty of time to annoy the shit out of everyone around you!–which is a perfectly good reason to wear this thing, if you were looking for one. Not recommended for use around people with epilepsy.

TMNT Watch Face

The Turtles’ faces are rendered in the 2D style (which I’ve really grown to love!) of Nickelodeon’s 3D animation, preserving all their most distinguishable features, like the gap in Don’s teeth and Mikey’s babyface. The different shades of green used for their skin colors are relatively the same, but here their eye colors are all black instead of individual colors like in the cartoon. I can live with that, I guess, though I do miss the sharp green of Raph’s icy stare.

I love too how the Turtles are strategically arranged around the watch face. Leonardo is the leader, so of course he would be in front. That’s Ninja Turtles 101. And whenever Raph is flanking Leo’s right side and Donnie and Mike are on the left, I’m always reminded of the very first panel of the original Mirage comic book to which we owe the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phenomenon:

TMNT Comic First Panel

Let’s also talk about how the watch face is a NYC manhole cover, and how I always have trouble saying “manhole” with a straight face, because honestly, I’m running out of things to talk about. If you’re planning to buy this watch, you might also consider hanging on to the packaging or taking a photo of it, because that’s where the instructions are. But who cares about that–MANHOLE! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

TMNT Watch Instructions

I also wanted to mention the substantial size of this thing. Here it is on my delicate, lady-sized wrist:

Closeup of TMNT Watch

Even without the flashing lights, it’s an attention-getter for sure. It’s socially acceptable to be 31 and wear a Ninja Turtles watch, right?