If you enjoyed the Rosso Corsa 80’s music discovery I posted about a few weeks ago, you’re going to love this. New Retro Wave, or NRW, is yet another newly-forming label and YouTube channel dedicated to 80’s revival music. Here’s an introduction lifted from their Bandcamp page:

For many years the music scene has been hungering for something that will fill a longing void. You have now stumbled across that sound ……the sound of the future…….the RetroWave sound. Harnessing the sound of the 80s and bringing a modern presence, Retrowave promises to bring back the nostalgic feel and daring musicality to what we call music. Turn your speakers up and “Live the 80’s Dream.”


Just released in late December, the NRW put out The 80’s Dream Compilation Tape, a gloriously 80s-tastic album comprised of 13 different retro wave artists–such as Let Em Riot–who all manage to re-capture a slice of that dreamy, synthy era of 80’s music I love so much. And HOLY HOT PINK NEON, just look at this album art!

The 80s Dream Compilation Tape

[bandcamp album=2135727985 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


The entirety of the album can be heard for free on Bandcamp, and is available as a “Name Your Price” download, available in MP3 or FLAC. Definitely worth whatever you’re willing to pay.

[via The Curious Brain]