I have a love/hate relationship with George Lucas. I suspect we all do. On the love side he has given us masterpieces like the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, and on the hate side he’s shit out things like Jar Jar Binks and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

George Lucas Documentary

So naturally my interest was peaked when I heard about upcoming documentary film The People vs. George Lucas, that “explores the unique, ambivalent, and sometimes conflicted relationship that Star Wars fans, for the past thirty years, continue to enjoy with the Star Wars franchise and its creator, George Lucas.”

I don’t know if “enjoy” is the right word, but “conflicted” is true enough. Haven’t we all had those moments of quiet reflection upon our 85th re-watch of The Empire Strikes Back where we think to ourselves how life was somehow better in the days before George “perfected” his vision? Anyone?

The documentary will voice opinions from fans on both sides of the Lucas love/hate dichotomy, and is currently soliciting contributions–in the form of self-interview video submissions–from Star Wars fans around the globe. Some lucky fans may even end up starring in the film–how cool is that? The film’s website has a link to a detailed submission guidelines PDF (and of course a release form).

So if you’re an opinionated Star Wars fan, now’s your chance to grab a video camera and air your complaints and grievances and/or undying love for George Lucas.