Candy Montage

It’s Movie Montage Monday! And I’m using “Monday” loosely because I’m just barely sneaking today’s collection of montages in before midnight. I ran into some–um–let’s call them technical difficulties while pulling some of these clips together.

I’ve been on a major sugar kick lately, so today’s theme is all about candy. I’ve been sneaking Haribo Gummi Raspberries, Caramel Creams, and Cadbury Dairy Milk bars over the past few weeks in combination with copious amounts of Rock Star energy drink because I’ve been under a lot of stress. Basically any day now my heart is going to explode.

Anyway, onto the montages!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Who can take tomorrow and dip it in a dream, separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream? The Candy Man can. You know what else the candy man does? Creep me the hell out.

[flowplayer src=’’ width=450 height=300]


Chocolat makes me crave chocolate every time I watch it.

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Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Required viewing for me every Halloween. They don’t make specials like this anymore.

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Marie Antoinette

And here’s the fabulous candy, champagne and shoes montage from Marie Antoinette that inspired today’s theme, appropriately set to Bow Wow Wow:


Edit: I so wanted to include the brief but fantastic Honeyduke’s candy shop scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but upon further examination I had to rule it out because it’s not technically a montage. I have to adhere to my own silly rules, you know.

What the hell is Movie Montage Monday?

Every Monday I come up with a new theme and post a series of related movie montages. There’s no real reason for it, I just really like montages. Also it’s kind of a challenge to myself to see how long I can keep it going. I’m bound to run out of themes eventually, right?