80s Dance Practice Montage

In an ongoing series about movie montages, the dance practice theme was bound to come up sooner or later. Almost every dance movie includes some sort of practice montage, but since I’ve been on a big eighties music kick this week (as if I’m never not on an eighties music kick), I decided to keep today’s collection of montages confined to the decade when it was considered stylish to wear three layers of colored socks over tights, even if you weren’t a dancer.

Put on your sparkly leotard and dance along at home!


You ain’t no street dancer and you know nothin’ about what we do. You don’t even have a cool street name like Special K.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The good old days when Sarah Jessica Parker was hot. Here’s Janie and Jeff practicing for the big D-TV contest with a little help from Shannon Doherty and Pepsi product placement.


Stayin’ Alive

The opening credits to Stayin’ Alive, the 1983 sequel to Saturday Night Fever, gave us John Travolta in tights and a headband dancing the shit out of it. Gay rumors? What gay rumors?


Dirty Dancing

One of the most memorable scenes from 1989’s Dirty Dancing (which totally ripped off The Lift from Girls Just Want to Have Fun, btw). I always wanted a pair of silver sparkly shoes just like Baby’s, even if I’d probably never wear them. Oh how I miss late eighties era Patrick Swayze.



I saved the best for last. Let’s hear it for…the white boy who can’t dance.


What the hell is Movie Montage Monday?

Every Monday I come up with a new theme and post a series of related movie montages. There’s no real reason for it, I just really like montages. Also it’s kind of a challenge to myself to see how long I can keep it going. I’m bound to run out of themes eventually, right?