Zombies vs. Robots

In last moth’s poll, I asked you guys which doomsday scenario you’d rather have happen: a zombie apocalypse or a robot apocalypse. Here’s how you responded:

  • 63% of you would welcome the Zombiepocalypse like the Second Coming
  • 37% of you would rather take your chances with the robots (big mistake!)

Winner: Zombies!

I can’t say I’m surprised by these results, having thrown my baseball bat in for the zombies as well. However, most of the comments on my original post were leaning heavily toward robots–really guys? I’m with The Man Who Stares at Toys on this one:

“Zombies all the way…I don’t want to be pitted against something that likely has the ability to work in total unison of communication, have mastery over strategy, efficient combat skills and use logic and tactics against me.”

With killer robots, we’d pretty much be fucked. If we’re not killed instantly by their death rays or tricked into our own demise because they can shapeshift to look just like us, we’ll be harvested like batteries for energy.

Terminator 2

While any “-ocalypse” scenario is simultaneously awesome and sucks for mankind, most of you who took the poll agree that zombies are our best bet for survival. I mean, haven’t we consumed enough zombie movies, TV shows and video games to know how to handle ourselves? We got this.