Last week I was randomly browsing #TMNT on Twitter (I think it was sometime during the the Bayliens backlash) when I stumbled upon this guy.

Turtle a Day

His name is Wes and he has a cute TMNT blog where he draws a new Ninja Turtle picture every day. Well, almost every day.

He readily admits that he’s not an artist–which is apparent from the lined notebook paper and crayon scribbles that adorn his work–but he loves to draw Ninja Turtles so that’s exactly what he does!

There’s something kind of charming about a grown man who loves to draw Ninja Turtles without a care in the world about what anyone thinks or even if the drawings are any good. As I mentioned on his blog, it takes me back to my junior high days when I spent most of my time in class drawing Ninja Turtles (very poorly) and not doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing.

I asked Wes if he took requests, and he was more than happy to humor me with this amazeballs picture of Raphael, my favorite Turtle, crouching on the rooftops of New York City:

TMNT Raphael on Patrol (Front)

Note the gargoyle thrown in as an added bonus! I have no idea how Wes knew that Gargoyles was also one of my favorite shows from childhood. I’m pretty sure that my finding his blog was writ in destiny.

The next day he drew me the same picture but from a different perspective:

Raphael TMNT Drawing (Back)

Totally shelltastic AND refrigerator worthy.

Anyway, check out Wes’s “Turtle a Day” blog for more original, hand drawn Ninja Turtle goodness and occasional reviews about the other nerdy and equally awesome stuff he’s into (which he also cleverly illustrates with Ninja Turtles). And what a nice guy, too.