Last week I was a guest on the UnderScoopFire podcast for the first (and quite possibly last!) edition of What’s.. The.. SCOOP?!! — the 80’s TV Trivia game show hosted by Howie Decker’s charismatic alter-ego, Dick Decker. I’m one of three lovely contestants, along with internet-famous “blerd” (that’s “black nerd”) William Bruce West and Mr. Serious himself, Corey Chapman.

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What's the Scoop?

It’s astounding how little I actually know about 80s TV, as I find out in this podcast. But to be fair, hardly any of the shows I actually watched back in the day came up as my questions. I mean, where was Charles in Charge!? Where was Facts of Life!? Also, I should point out that Will is a Pop Culture Kung Fu MASTER, so I was up against some pretty stiff competition, but I think I held my own pretty well. My saving grace was Roseanne, Care Bears, Saved by the Bell, and those sweet, sweet multiple-choice questions.

Hey, at least I didn’t come in dead-last! And for that I think a celebratory dance is in order:

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