Awesome People

Internet High FiveAlternative Magazine Online — Alternative views on games, books, music, films and everything in-between!
Retroblique — Turn back the clock and relive those halcyon days of 8-bit and 16-bit bliss.
Turtle a Day — A new Ninja Ninja-Turtle themed drawing every day.
Chocolate & Cream Cake — A small-town girl living in a nerdy world.
Gurl on Gurl-Gaming — The chronicles of a gurl gamer navigating her way through life in a boy’s playground.
Ben Landis — Songwriter & pianist, creator of Adventures in Pixels.
Geek Cultural — A blog for discussion on all that’s current in television shows, movies, comics, gaming and technology.

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

A few of my favorite blogs in The League:

Branded in the 80s — A deconstruction of ’80s childhood pop culture and its influence on who Shawn Robare is and how he fits into the world.
Cavalcade of Awesome — Ripping pop culture a new butthole.
Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool — I am attracted to the unique, the strange, the haunted. I like to share what I find on this blog.
Cool & Collected – Collecting pop culture.
Claymation Werewolf — For those who are happily incapable of ever really growing up.
Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang — Ninja Turtle fan who posts about all things geeky.
Flashlights Are Something to Eat — Memories, mindless entertainment, and stuff that might bore you to tears.
Geek Chunks — Geek of all trades, master of none.
Jason Voorhees — 80’s toys, comics, trading cards, video games & other awesomeness.
Lair of the Dorke Horde — Horde of all dorks, nerds and geeks.
Life With Fandom — One geek writing about things he loves.
Monster Cafe Saltillo — A blog about Monster Cafe Saltillo, toys, and whatnot.
Top Hat Sasquatch — Highbrow geek culture.
UnderScoopFire! — The coolest geeks you know.


The Atomic Geeks — Provides weekly insight into our favorite geek passions.
Adventures in Poor Taste
— Geek culture, and general pop culture musings with a tone only a cynical manchild could provide.
Geek Force Five — Your hub for comics, movies, TV, music, video games, and more.
Geeks of Doom — Your place for all things geek!
Nerd Lunch — Podcast where three guys, each with over 30 years of nerdin’ experience, come together to pontificate on that which they no longer have much time for anymore.


The Mary Sue — A Guide to Geek Girl Culture.
The Discriminating Fangirl
— Pop Culture + Geekery = Happiness!
Geek Girls Network — Resource hub for women who possess a passion, knowledge, and interest for all things “geeky.”


Brainy Gamer — Thoughtful conversation about video games.
— One man’s take on console gaming, with a decidedly opinionated spin.
Vintage Computing and Gaming – Adventures in classic technology.
NintendoLegend — The site with a review for every North American NES game ever made.
1 More Castle — Striving to be the best retro gaming website on the web thanks to the talents of an experienced contributor team.


Dinosaur Dracula — A series of tributes to things that thrill and excite me, or at least, things that used to thrill and excite me. I very much enjoyed being a kid; in fact, I enjoyed it so much that I never stopped being one.
— Retro pop culture and nostalgia blog & podcast.
Scary Crayon — An eldritch Internet chronicle of random crap featuring everything from toy, video game, and book reviews to commentaries on obscure anime to workplace comics to Dalek papercraft to dog treat and flavored condom tastings. Yep.
The Surfing Pizza — Nostalgia, toys, pizza, essays, rock & roll, humor, strange, fun.


UPROXX — The Culture of What’s Buzzing
Anti-Social Etiquette – A website on the internet crafted with care by Michael and Eleni. They get mad about stuff, and they use the internet to complain about it. They are correct, you are not.