Leap Motion

I’m probably the last person to know about this and nerdgasming over new technology is not something I typically do around here, but LOOK AT THIS THING, you guys:


I found out about Leap Motion from the comment section of the Ouya Kickstarter, where a vocal group of backers are pushing to get it integrated with the console (an idea I fully support).

Here’s a bit more about the device and how it works:

“The 3D gesture control that’s like Kinect on steroids”

Leap Motion’s not the household name Kinect is, but it should be — the company’s motion-tracking system is more powerful, more accurate, smaller, cheaper, and just more impressive. The Leap uses a number of camera sensors to map out a workspace of sorts — it’s a 3D space in which you operate as you normally would, with almost none of the Kinect’s angle and distance restrictions.

Currently the Leap uses VGA camera sensors, and the workspace is about three cubic feet; Holz told us that bigger, better sensors are the only thing required to make that number more like thirty feet, or three hundred. Leap’s device tracks all movement inside its force field, and is remarkably accurate, down to 0.01mm. It tracks your fingers individually, and knows the difference between your fingers and the pencil you’re holding between two of them.

[via The Verge]

Leap Motion is arriving in February 2013. It’s surprisingly affordable at only $69.99 plus S&H to pre-order one.

Can you imagine what internet porn will be like now?