Kevin Smith Video Games

So apparently Kevin Smith is into making video games for iPad now? Didn’t see that one coming. Joystiq reports:

Writer, producer and actor extraordinaire Kevin Smith is breaking into video game development with a new studio. His first title will be “an iPad thing,” Smith said during Spike TV’s pre-E3 coverage, but he said he’d like to do a Jay and Silent Bob FPS, because that way he and “Jay” actor Jason Mewes would stay young and active forever.

A Jay and Silent Bob FPS, huh? Good grief.

Once upon a time I worshiped the ground Kevin Smith walked on and would prosthelytize his “fuck you” brand of geekery to anyone who would listen. Of course, that was back when I was in high school…

I still enjoy his films (though admittedly not on the same level that I used to), I like Comic Book Men (and was happy to see it get picked up for a second season) and listen to the occasional SModcast, but my problem with Kevin Smith these days is that I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing up in the intervening years but he hasn’t.

He’s still churning out the same, tired dick & fart jokes and one-dimensional characters that drop pop culture references and deliver overly self-important monologues, except now with bigger budgets and less enthusiasm for his craft. I really wasn’t surprised at all last year when he announced his retirement from filmmaking.

Personally, I’ve had enough Jay and Silent Bob to last two lifetimes, but I think the casual games market could be the perfect outlet for Smith to continue building his View Askewniverse empire–even if it means continuing to milk sophomoric creative properties that should have excused themselves from the party a long time ago.

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