Fuck You Santa

As you may have guessed, I did not get the one thing I really wanted for Christmas. That’s all I’ll say about it. Time to pick up the pieces and move the hell on. But as it turns out, getting dumped right before Christmas is not the only thing that can ruin your holiday. You can also have the flu!

In addition to some cool, geeky gifts from family and friends (which I plan to do a post about at some point), Santa gave me another present this year: a debilitating strain of influenza complete with fever, chills, and all-over body aches that, after passing through four different members of my family, has mutated into this monster beast of a flu/cold/stomach virus combination that is now working its charms on me.

And here I thought I was being so careful, washing my hands a lot, not eating or drinking after anyone and following other well-meaning and practical but useless advice. But I guess when you spend Christmas in a house full of sick people–exchanging gifts as well as germs–getting sick yourself is inevitable. But hey, on the plus side, I learned how to make my family’s traditional, secret recipe Red Velvet Cake this year, since my mom was too sick (and by “too sick” I mean only slightly less sick than myself) to do it. That’s something, I guess.

I want to be sure and thank all my League, Dork Horde and Twitter friends who sent Christmas gifts, cards, and general well wishes and humorous attempts at life advice my way. You can expect a proper thank you on this blog in the near future, as soon as I’m feeling more up to it (read: not feeling like death).

I suppose you can also expect this site to be around quite a while longer. I was fully prepared to delete myself from the internet in order to work things out with my now ex-boyfriend (god, that’s going to take some getting used to) but now I guess it doesn’t matter. So if you consider yourself a regular visitor who enjoys all the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT STUFF AND THINGS I write about, yay for you! And thanks for sticking with me.