Jane Jensen - Pinkerton road

Jane Jensen, the legendary adventure game designer who brought us the incredible Gabriel Knight series of games and Gray Matter (my personal favorite adventure game of the past few years), has launched a new game studio called Pinkerton Road out of her Lancaster, PA farm.

To fund the new company and its upcoming game projects, Jane is reaching out to fans on KickStarter–the same fundraising platform that recently helped Double Fine Adventure achieve meteoric success.

Jane hopes to raise $300,000 for what she describes as “CSG” — Community Supported Gaming. Rather than raise money to fund a single game or project (e.g. Double Fine), Jane wants supporters to become an invested part of the studio’s total creative output:

Our CSG will work in a similar way. Sign up as a Pinkerton Road CSG member, and you’ll get all of the awesome games we produce for one year*. The CSG model will help our studio survive financially so that we can make the kinds of games that YOU and WE want to play (not what some big publisher’s marketing department has decided will be the next big hit).

But, let’s be honest, this brilliant idea goes beyond that! We want our customers to feel like part of our studio family (as many did in the Sierra On-Line days). As a CSG member, you’ll get regular video updates on what we’re doing, peeks at the newest art, glimpses of our games in development and the inside scoop what it’s like to operate a game studio. It’s like you’ll have a virtual desk right next to ours.

Being a huge fan of Jane Jensen’s work, I’ve already donated to the cause and can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us.

How to Show Your Support:

(Because I really want to see Jane Jensen’s new venture be a huge success!)

1. Donate to Jane’s Pinkerton Road KickStarter Project. She’s accepting donations in any amount of $1 or more. For $16 or more dollars, you’ll get to own at least one of the games the studio will release its first year, and for $50 you’ll get to own all of them.

2. Like Jane Jensen on Facebook.

3. Tweet this and follow @jensen_jane on Twitter!