So, I turned 31 today. I was kinda hoping the day would fly under most people’s radar because getting old sucks and I’ve never enjoyed being fussed over. It’s bad enough that there’s mandatory cake and singing at my office whenever it’s someone’s birthday (although we do get a day off as a birthday gift, which is pretty great). Plus, the older I get the more glaring it becomes that I’m just a child pretending to be an adult. I’d much prefer to bury myself in video games and Ninja Turtle cartoons and let the day pass by without any fanfare…except Facebook makes that nearly impossible–but thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

And then there was this message from fellow Leaguer Team Hellions on Twitter:


Oh Kevin, you so silly! You don’t know how true that is. Last night my boyfriend surprised me with a couple of awesome early birthday gifts:

Awesome Gift #1 – Power Sound FX Turtles

Power Sound FX TMNT

These guys are about two-thirds bigger than the basic Nick Turtles figures and shout out battle cries like “HIIIIYAAAA!!” and “BRING IT!” when you pull their arms and legs. As far as I can tell, the voices are all contributed by the same actors who voice each Turtle on the new show. I’m a little bummed that Raph doesn’t have the notch missing from his shell, however.


Basic Raph vs. Power Sound FX Raph

Their faces are also much more detailed–for example, they have painted-on eyes as opposed to the all white eyes that the basic figures have. One of the unique things about the new show is that the Turtles have all been designed with different eye colors–Leo’s are blue, Mikey’s are blue, Raph’s are green and Donnie’s are brown. I like that you can see that on these toys.

Power Sound FX Leonardo

Power Sound FX Michaelangelo

Power Sound FX Raphael

Although I do think Donatello looks mildly constipated:

Power Sound FX Donatello

Minor complaints aside, these are awesome toys that’ll be right at home with my now “serious” Nickelodeon TMNT collection. Now I just need Power Sound FX Shredder! Yes, I need him.

Awesome Gift #2 – Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard

Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard

The Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard was the only vehicle I didn’t have yet, so this worked out well. I’d say my boyfriend did pretty good for not knowing jack about the Turtles or what all I had in my collection already. The decals, particularly the wheel stickers, were kind of a pain to peel off delicately (but nowhere nearly as difficult as what I had to go through for the Shellraiser) but other than that, no problems.

Unassembled Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard

Mikey seemed pretty happy with the final result.

Mikey Skateboard

Ninja Turtles + Cupcakes, but not Ninja Turtle Cupcakes.

The Turtles decided to throw an impromptu cupcake party for me! Really, cupcakes are the only possible thing I can think of that makes Ninja Turtle toys even better.

TMNT Toys and Cupcakes

Here’s what I’m guessing is happening in this picture:

  • Leonardo, ever the valiant warrior, is proudly protecting my cupcakes with his mighty katanas.
  • Raphael, always eager to show off, is demonstrating his signature Statue of Liberty move.
  • Donatello has scientifically analyzed my cupcakes and decided the ratio of sprinkles to cupcake was insufficient.
  • Michaelangelo, meanwhile, is attempting to sneak off with one unnoticed.

Mikey Sneaking Off with Cupcake

Happy birthday to me and stuff.